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  • Finance

    Especially in a commercial organization, the corporate strategy is inevitably linked to financial objectives. Even in non-commercial organizations, we see a strong focus on spendings and the return of investment.

    Most of the times there are concrete goals on EBIT, turnover, level of new business, share of wallet, etc. In addition, we all have to keep an eye on where we use our (limited) resources.

    Performance Management and Business Intelligence are therefore part of our service offering.
    Our Financial Experts can indicate what elements you should be monitoring. In addition, they will show you how being able to drill down to a detailed level of spending (with real time data) represents a real competitive advantage.

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  • IT

    The added value of technology in a corporate environment has been clearly proven over the past few years. Companies with similar offerings can make a significant difference in margin just by focusing on automation and digitalizing generic processes.

    Yet, while most executives know what technology can bring them, the challenge lies in the implementation of new technology and the change management/adoption process that comes with it.
    We will answer the question: How can you successfully make the transformation towards a better and highly efficient environment and get a faster ROI?

    At Business Markers, we have been developing expertise on the following transformation processes:

      Digital Asset Management
      Enterprise Content Management / incl. Digitization and Digitalization
      Performance Management
      Marketing Automation
      Marketing Transformation
      Service Management on Marketing, Financial & IT level

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