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  • If you want to score the goal, always keep an eye on the ball…
    … or in this case on the customer.

    Customer Centricity is about building your services and solutions around the customer. Its about impact just as well your long term strategy and vision as your day to day activities and processes.

    Customer Centricity drives… revenue, brand experience, reputation & image, operational focus and innovation

    We offer various programs & services to make all eyes in your organization focused on the customer.

  • Customer Experience Management
    The sensation, experienced by an individual customer through contact – direct or indirect – with your organization.

    That is perhaps the easiest way to describe the term customer experience.
    Business Markers has over 10 years of expertise in this field, and has developed a methodology and services offering on Customer Experience Management (CEM).

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  • Customer Lifetime Value
    In the current trend of servitization, where low margin products are being surrounded by valuable services, a better quality of customer relationship can grow your business exponentially.

    Our goal is to help you manage the total lifecycle of your customer.

    In this area, we look at the customer journey, portfolio management models, pricing models, innovation management, etc.
    All initiatives we launch are setup with the same purpose: to increase the total duration of the relationship, while stimulating his engagement level.

  • Marketing Transformation
    Marketing has become more than just a matter of getting the market.
    It’s a permanently measured and managed crusade where we try to win over the mind and the heart of the customer. If you want to differentiate, you need the right processes and technology to make it work.

    Business Markers offers just what it takes: tons of business and marketing expertise, along with the insight of our digit(al)ization experts, allows us to review and setup your next generation marketing organization.

  • Account Based Marketing
    In business areas where complex service and solutions are being offered, we often see long sales cycles with a low probability rate.

    Business Markers has a pragmatic approach when it comes to deal based and account based marketing: we bring marketing and sales resources together and make sure they score the deal(s)

    Our team has experience in ICT, Finance and industrial sales cycles, covering deal sizes between € 100k and € 550Mio.
    Over the past five years, we have been able to get an 80% hit rate for every ABM track that has been setup by our people.

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