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  • Humanizing your brand

    It is not about getting the most out of your employees. It is about getting the BEST out of them.

    The most renowned organizations know that employees are their biggest asset.

    A big opportunity in creating visibility, building your brand and generating revenue is missed when your employees aren’t included in your overall marketing and HR strategy .

    Employees are more than just people who work for a wage. All employees – not only marketing and communications related– are contributing on a daily basis to building your brand, company, service and product.

    No other group is more connected to your company. That’s what makes them the ultimate ambassadors for your organization.

    Every day, every moment and with each interaction your employees create and leave impressions that impact your customers, prospects, suppliers. These impressions can either strengthen or weaken your brand.

    A successful employee advocacy strategy is when your employees can be authentic in sharing the company culture and company values tightly connected to their own unique personalities.

    For business leaders and CEOs, a personal brand can ultimately determine its success or failure because of how closely the CEO is tied to their brand.

    If a CEO has poor reputation, you may be less inclined to support them. It allows stakeholders relate to what you stand for – your beliefs, values and opinions.

    At BusinessMarkers we help you create strategies with impact through employee branding and employee advocacy models.

    We help you to create inspiring stories through:

    • Co-creation of Employee advocacy strategies
    • Personal Reputation analysis for your (future) employees or leaders
    • Individual Personal Branding Coaching for executives
    • Team workshops on Social Media, LinkedIn and the humanization of your brand – the power of the personal brand.​
  • Employee Opinion Study

    How to get more insights on what engages your employees?

    An employee opinion study unveils what is going on among employees in your organisation. You get insight in the level of appreciation and satisfaction of your company’s employees. Business Markers is experienced in conducting practical and thorough research that generates relevant responses leading to valuable and useful information. Research data is collected, processed and presented in an efficient way so that you know what efforts will deliver maximum improvement for your organisation.

    Our own survey tool allows us to support you digitally in the research for satisfaction and appreciation of your customers, employees and partners. By working through digital surveys we reduce costs as much as possible, we avoid paper waste and we generate a high response rate.

  • Culture, Behaviour, Values
    Values are a verb. You should live them in your organisation. Culture is about reinforcing your market position by using your brand and your values as vehicle in order to make the entire organisation (employees, processes and systems) more market oriented.

    At Business Markers, Culture has been one of the focal points of the last decade, and we’re proud to say that we have been very effective in our approach regarding employee engagement projects.

    These values are the identifying characteristics of your organisation. Differently put: the bundle of all these elements is what identifies the company and what sets you apart. At the same time, the values serve as anchor points which your employees can use as benchmarks in their direct environment. It is therefore crucial that we make these values crystal clear.

  • Brand Positioning & Brand-Marker ©
    Business Markers helps clients to conquer a unique, relevant and authentic position in the market. Strong brands and organisations have a strong positioning and use it consistently (over time) and consequently (in everything). Business Markers developed the Brand-Marker©, a model which helps organizations define an identity and gives the management a tool to build this through the entire organisation. It’s the base for marketing, sales, HR, innovation, …

    Brand Marker

    The Brand-Marker© combines USP and ESP. It’s not only about WHAT you sell, though even more about HOW you sell. The belief tells the world WHY you do what you do.
    So the Brand-Marker© consists of your vision, your functional and emotional benefits, your reasons to believe and your core values.
    Brand-Marker© is characterizing and differentiates the organization from competitors in what they do and especially how and why they do it.

    The Brand- Marker© has proven to be successful for a lot of national and international organizations.

  • Leadership & Individual coaching
    In essence, leadership is a relationship, sometimes one to one, sometimes one to many.

    Leaders master the dynamics of this relationship, because leadership is an influence process. No matter whether you’re a politician, a CEO, a manager, a parent or a teacher, at any time you’re trying to influence the behavior of someone towards a goal, you’re engaging in leadership.

    At Business Markers, we consider some prime requisites here. First, leadership is about vision & direction. Second, it’s about implementation & get people to move closer to their destination. Finally, it is about serving and supporting, because leaders serve their people by guiding and cheerleading them.
    We serve and support you with our leadership coaching sessions, where we commit in a partnership with the aim to bring about sustained behavioral change and transform the quality of your life. Hence when you improve your performance as leader, the benefits spread throughout your organization.
    Contact us here for a specifically tailored offer.

    As some actual employees will be the leaders of your company tomorrow, we provide them with some basic Vitamins. Thanks to our approach of combining training with individual coaching, performances improve dramatically.
    Our Vitamin sessions:
      Situational leadership
      Emotional intelligence
      Remarkable GROW-feedback
      Change management fundamentals

  • Employee Engagement
    Internal branding

    Business Markers believes in converting the training room into reality. Participants experience the subject through experiential learning tools like role plays, case studies , practice and constant feedback. It is this unique style and approach that set us apart in the market. It helps the participants implement their learning with ease in their work environment.

    Not all employees feel engaged with what they do on a daily basis, let alone they have a natural tendency to act upon the company or brand culture and values.
    Through digital and training tools, we address this issue in a practical way based on the belief that behaviour becomes a habit when repeatedly practiced.
    The idea is to let people experience the correct company culture and values without them having the impression it is being imposed.

    We’d be happy to explain the concept more in-depth! Contact us here.

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