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About us

Business Markers is both strategic and pragmatic, a mix of solid theory and real-world practice. A group of talented professionals with more than 15 years and a proven track-record help managers, director or entrepreneurs to create the future together, to make clear choices and implement the right culture and tools to grow.

Over the years, Business Markers has worked with many national and international clients to define game changing strategies and translate these in the right tools and for all employees. Our methodology and tools have evolved to incorporate our latest insights in how to best support our clients on strategy and innovation, culture and people and customer experience management.

Business Markers does not look or feel like traditional consulting. Business Markers projects are typically executed by a small, effective team of seasoned professionals that work alongside an organisation’s employees. Our engagements are team-based, widely participative and future-oriented endeavors that lead an organisation through an exciting journey of discovery that engages employees while building their innovation capabilities.

And, it is quite notable that some Business Markers engagements are so compelling that clients win awards, create video’s, publish posts about their remarkable journey.
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