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Vision without action is merely a dream … Action without vision just passes time … Vision combined with action can change the world !

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The best way to create the future is to create it … together !

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If you don’t know where you are going … you will probably end up somewhere else !

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Customer Experience

If you want to uplift your customer’s experience, start by managing their journey … in a reMARKable way!

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Focus on your marker… and drive your team to better business.

Rely on our expertise and proven methodologies!

  • Strategy & Innovation
    The most frequently asked questions we get from clients is how we can help them transform their organisation to become more result-oriented, more innovative and less departmental.
  • Culture & People
    Culture eats strategy for breakfast, sales for lunch, …  We have developed proven successful methodologies to engage, energise employees as ambassadors in a creative way.
  • Customer Centricity
    Customer experience management is in the top 3 of CEO’s most important TO DO’s. What about you? Our highly experienced people develop remarkable customer experiences. It’s not only WHAT you do, it’s HOW you do it.
  • Digital transformation
    Next your strategy, your own people and your customers, you need to track your results and implement the right tools .
    Experts are ready to create dashboards, integrate reporting and advice IT-tools independently.

Full Service Business Partner

Business Markers is both strategic and pragmatic, a mix of solid theory and real-world practice. A group of talented professionals with more than 100 years’ experience and a proven track-record, who help managers, directors or entrepreneurs to create the future together, to make clear choices and implement the right culture and tools to grow.Read more…

full service

Why customers choose us


You invite us over for a coffee to change thoughts. We challenge and put on our critical goggles. Our brains takes this home.


Based on our first conversation and information we get from you, we give us our view on the needs for your organisation and/or brand in order to become remarkably stronger. We take a holistic view and go for a participative approach, where the company employees are allocated a key role in the rollout of the project. Without this internal support, you won’t get further can C-level.


We will eventually co-create a decisive and guiding plan that will lead to concrete projects or action points, which we can set up together. And, of course, “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” (Peter Drucker). Evaluation takes an important roll in the project rollout.

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